Burn In


XClock Digital Clock Screen Saver

XClock displays a very large glowing digital time display when your computer is idle. Advantages of this screen saver include optional flashing time separator (for each second) and slow movement around your screen to prevent burn in. It does not

Dental Screensaver

A dental screensaver is a type of computer program initially designed to prevent "Phosphor burn-in" on CRT and plasma computer monitors by blanking the screen or filling it with moving images or patterns when the computer was not in use. Today,


Bad Crystal Ultimate  v.5.1.9

Bad Crystal is unique utility for clean your screen from stuck pixels, burn-in and stuck stripes. Launch Bad Crystal for a few minutes, and your screen will be clean.

DVMP Pro  v.5 2

DVMP Pro is a specialised AVCHD, HDV & DV media player, a set of professional tools, and a DV Capture module.

Easy Calorie V.1.0  v.1.0

You want to lose weight and you don't have time to log everything you eat and every exercise you do but you want to know how much calorie you burn in average day. Easy Calorie is just for you.

FL593 QuickConnect  v.1. 2. 2009

This adaptable module is ideal for remotely controlling multiple laser diodes -- such as burn-in racks or L-I characterization systems. Set point, current limit, channel tracking and feedback mode settings are all under computer control.

SCADA/HMI Workstation Screen Saver  v.1 38

Almost all SCADA/HMI workstations share a common problem: annoying burn-in monitor effect.

BigTime Screen Saver  v.1 6

Turns your screen into one big clock that changes color to stop burn in. It has many options like hand-style, font, colors, size,

BurnInTest (64-bit)  v.7.0 build 1012

BurnInTest (64-bit) Requires 64-bit Operating System, it is a utility tool that allows all the major sub-systems of a computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability and stability.

GlowClock Free  v.

Turn your phone into a highly visible night clock! Features: • the lock screen is disabled while the app is running; • checkerboard opacity mask protects your screen from a burn-in; • long time / date format in the horizontal orientation;

BurninClock  v.

The *only* digital clock in the marketplace that does not cause screen burn-in! Features: * Time slowly moves around to not damage your precious screen * Sleek and simplistic design * Subtle eye-candy * Swipe up or down to adjust brightness * Lock

Dev Screen Saver  v.

Are you writing apps for the Windows Phone? Are you concerned that prolonged static content displayed on the screen while developing your app may cause screen burn-in on that gorgeous AMOLED screen?

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